Friday, July 30, 2010

No Worries; I'm Alive!

I lost my copy of the Pomatomus socks sometime shortly after my last post and I haven't picked them up since. This bothers me quite a bit and it doesn't help that our printer has been out of ink since forever. I forgot to make a new copy the other day when I was at my parents but I'm sure I'll go over to their house again soon and I'll make sure to get it than. In the meantime I've been on a crochet-kick and I've worked with some acrylics. I must say that I really miss the softness and luxury of the The Natural Dye Studio sockyarn.

Earlier this year I was on a shortlived granny square kick and it was my intention to produce a blanket. Well, I ran into those squares again while looking for the Pomatomus pattern and though I didn't end up with enough squares for a blanket, I decided to make them into a scarf.

Granny Square Scarf

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