Friday, June 11, 2010

Losing my religion

I'm a down to earth kind of girl, even when it comes to knitting. Perhaps this is due to my cultural background, we Dutchies are known to get less hyper and enthousiastic about most things than, lets say, Americans. On other fiber blogs and on Ravelry I often see people getting, in my humble opinion, over-excited about a certain yarn. I doubt I myself ever described a yarn as being "shiny" and meant it. Untill now..
It's shiny, nay, it's glossy even! It's amazing. Yes, I'm talking about my skein of The Natural Dye Studio's Sockyarn. I think I'm in love. Bye bye earth, this stuff has got me floating!

I always pretty much felt the same about people who claimed their yarn screamed to be knit up into a certain something. How on earth can yarn scream?? I doesn't have a mouth, not to mention vocal cords! Untill I remembered the Pomatomus.. Something just clicked. The pictures of Cookie A. by the seaside. My desire to knit these socks since forever. The beautiful colors of the yarn, which reminded me of the North Sea. Was my yarn screaming at me? That it was! Not with it's mouth, but telepathically.


So yesterday I cast on my first pomatomus sock to be. And it is shiny, it is glossy and it is toe up.

Wait, what? Priscilla, don't you hate knitting socks toe up? Don't you love knitting heel flaps, grafting toes? Don't you hate the figure 8 cast on? Oh yes, indeed I do! But I love this yarn so much that I want to use every inch of it for these socks and make them as tall as possible. Because I also hate the fear of not having enough yarn for an extra repeat or ending up with enough scrap yarn for said extra repeat. And so economy makes me knit socks toe up!


  1. Wow that's a beautifull colour!!! And i know what you mean, i don't get over excited about yarns either... but maybe it's because there aren't many special yarns here like in the us?!
    I haven't tried knitting sock toe up... i just borrowed a book about it, so maybe some day i will give it a try...

  2. I've only tried toe-up once and I hated it, maybe I should give it another chance sometime :)

  3. Heb je wel eens Judy's magic cast-on gebruikt? Misschien is die prettiger om mee te beginnen. Via youtube vind je een paar insructiefilmpjes.