Monday, June 28, 2010

All Quiet on the Knitting Front

We spent last week in a cottage at Le Lac d'Ailette in France. I chose to leave my knitting at home. Instead I brought homework, which I didn't touch all week and a book, The Girl Who Played With Fire by Stieg Larsson. We were so active every day, we went to the pool, to the beach, to the playground and it was so hot outside that we mostly kept to Caspers hours, which meant up at 6.00AM and to bed at 8.00PM, leaving me hardly any "me" time.

Center Parcs Le Lac d'Ailette

Center Parcs Le Lac d'Ailette

One of the reasons why I left my knitting at home was because I was fed up with the socks. Something happened before we went on holiday, you see; my son got his hands on one of them and unravelled two chart repeats. I was so annoyed and decided to take a break. This was a good idea because now I'm happy that Casper did what he did. To be honest, I wasn't too pleased with the work I had done on that sock anyway, there were a handfull of errors in there but I had refused to go back and correct them, feeling like I had too much time invested since.

That was not the only naughty thing he did either. Unfortunatly he broke our camera while we were in France. I am quite bummed about this. I hope to have some money coming my way soon so I can get a new one. There should be coming something in shortly, but I can't be sure when exactly.

The little rascal! Just before he broke the camera.

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  1. Where you stayed in France looks very beautiful, it's unfortunate that your camera broke.