Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Doily That Would Make My Grandma Proud

This weekend I started working on a doily, the pattern can be found here: Ruby's Pineapple Medley. I'm using a 1.50 mm crochet hook and mercinized, white cotton that I got at the supermarket.


I love making doilies, there is something very satisfying about crocheting them, though I haven't made that many, I simply don't know what to do with them! They just don't fit in our interior so we don't use them in the house. What I love about them is that they remind me of my grandmother. She crocheted a lot of doilies when I was a kid. I never had the patience to learn how to crochet back then. Instead, I messed up her cotton by making a huge "spiderweb" in the livingroom. It's ironic now that I think of it because I was scared to death of spiders in those days and secretly, I still am! My dad recently told me he had played pretty much the same way with his grandma's cotton when he was young. But he pretended that the threads were electricity wires.


My grandmother even made full sized (dinner)tablecloths, something I still don't have the patience for! What I do hope to make in time are crocheted lace bowls, like these: Lace Bowl and Filigree Bowl. Unlike the doilies these would go very well in our house!


  1. I wish I had crochet skills! These are beautiful.

  2. Good luck. I love the Filigree Bowl. It's super quick and easy and makes a great gift!